The Woodward Legacy

In 1827, William Woodward and his wife, Abigail Cutter, donated roughly four acres of land in the Over-the-Rhine district of Cincinnati to provide money to allow children whose parents were unable to pay to attend primary school. Their vision was to offer a quality primary education to all children of Cincinnati, regardless of the family's financial means.

The Woodwards' vision of education pre-dated Ohio's public schools. To further their goals, they also established and built Woodward Free Grammar School and, later, Woodward High School and Woodward College (now part of University of Cincinnati). While Cincinnati Public Schools no longer charge students to attend, Woodward Trust remains exclusively for the educational benefit of Cincinnati students.

Your Legacy . . .

The Woodwards' vision and legacy continue today through Woodward High School and Woodward Trust. Over the years, many others have contributed additional money and other assets, each demonstrating their vision and leaving their own unique legacy for Cincinnati students.

                                       - - What will your legacy be? - -

Woodward Trust welcomes and encourages donations from individuals, foundations, corporations and any other organizations interested in providing educational assistance and benefits to students in Cincinnati. We also suggest consideration of more substantial gifts and bequeaths as part of life or estate planning, and we will work directly with any individual or organization wishing to establish such a gift..


Those wishing to make a donation to Woodward Trust can mail it to:

         Woodward Trust

         PO Box 428541

         Cincinnati, OH 45242

Those wishing to arrange donations or wanting more information should contact us.

Woodward Trust is a non-profit organization operating under section 501c(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. All donations are tax-deductible and are eagerly acknowledged.


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